Many factors contribute to what's currently going on in your life including your biology, your psychological make-up, your relationships, other social factors, your spirituality, and your childhood experiences.  Your clinician will help you understand these contributions and develop a plan to help you move in the right direction. 


Some people don't fit neatly into a diagnostic category, nor does a diagnosis ever fully explain what may be "wrong" in your life.  What causes you to feel badly may be due to factors within your body (biological factors), the way you think about things (psychological factors), your relationships, your family, your job, your finances, or a combination of these (social factors). In addition, everyone has a unique history that influences all of the above.  An understanding of these bio-psycho-social factors is an important first step to feeling better.  Rigid diagnostic labels may miss the nuances that make your situation unique, and therefore the focus starts with your individual history and situation.

A New Path

In order to feel better or change something in your life, the solution may require a new direction.  Some people have tried psychotherapy, medication, or both. However, what may be needed is a change in some aspect of your life that may be causing undue stress such as a job, a living arrangement, a relationship, your spirituality, substances used or other factors that may be unrecognized or overlooked.  Your treater will help you navigate the path between the bio-psycho-social-spiritual stressors in your life, and we will look to a bio-psycho-social-spiritual plan that firs your unique needs.